Friday, October 3, 2014

Another season anew

We have harvested everything out of the garden that does not grow perennially. It is mostly a blank canvas. My first batch of winter squash starts got eaten by the grasshoppers. They are growing stronger. I started more, and some broccoli, and soon kale and cabbage, kohlrabi and turnips. Some carrots and beets, too. I love winter. I have been longing for this season all year. Summer was a beast that drew my energy from my body and took me down 5 notches. Also I'm pregnant, which I hear doesn't help on the energy front. But Fall is now upon us, and I only have one month of work left! I am preparing myself for long cool days of coffee and crafts and gardening and baking. It will be the most glorious 2 months until we welcome our little boy into our home. Whoa, more beautiful words could not be spoken to my ears. Pictures and more posts to come.