Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Well looky there

Well hello beautiful sunflower

Hello baby corn

It has been a hot and dry summer here in Southern California. I suppose that is how every summer is here in the valley. I haven't spent enough time here yet to really determine what is normal. I am used to the hot, humid, rainy summer days of Coastal Texas. This is hurricane season, ya'll! I get weird looks around here when I say things like that, as most native Californians do not realize the impact of hurricane season on one's psyche. All of that aside, though, we have been growing some really fantastic food around here. It's actually been a bit overwhelming, what with my full time job, being newly pregnant, and THE HEAT. We have so many plants to tend to out there, we mostly let them do their thing until.. uh oh, is that a boat in the garden? No, it's just a behemoth zucchini. Our okra has been known to grown twice the size of our hands, which at that point causes it to be inedible and it goes into the compost bin..which is totally neglected, by the way. We are doing our best, and sometimes that means laying in bed with all of the fans running, and watching reruns of Lost in our underwear. There are good days, though, and those usually find us painting our home, or shopping for baby supplies. I will be putting our tomatoes to use soon though, so stay tuned!